Cylinder Repair Kits

The pitch system is a top contributor to your WTG down time.

Do you experience problems or lose availability due to leaking pitch cylinders, gear box wear, blade damages or similar?
As shown on the picture, this is a sign telling you that the cylinders are coming to the end of their life.


Leaking pitch cylinder
Box with Heavy Repair Kits

We have developed cylinder repair kits, which makes it possible to repair the cylinder up-tower. The solution gives you following benefits:

  • Reduced repair cost with more than 50%.
  • It minimizes the technician's HSEQ risk as the Heavy Repair Kit has a reduced weight of up to 58% compared to the full cylinder.
  • The Repair Kit offers you the same life expectancy as a new cylinder as we only use OEM approved parts.
  • The solution is approved and used by all leading turbine manufacturers.
  • Most Repair Kits are stock items offering you short delivery times.
  • Well written work instructions and training videos
  • On-site support is possible.
  • Repair Kits are available for all leading turbine brands
Our customers call it a “No-brainer” as it is higher quality, safer, and offers immediate cost savings at the same time. Do you want to know what savings, we can offer you?


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